Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Forgot About Pizza Delivery

True Story – I forgot there was such a thing as pizza delivery!  Joshua and I are heading home for a visit earlier than expected because I need some follow-up doctor visits and I refuse to go back to a place I don’t speak the language for care.  Since we’ll be there shortly after his 4th birthday and because “mommy guilt” is my middle name, I have decided to put together a small kids’ party while we are in Colorado.  I was talking to Dave about food and said something like we are going to be screwed because he won’t be there to go get the pizza.  Dave quickly corrected me by pointing out that Pizza Hut and other chains are happy to help me out.  Holy Crap – I totally forgot about that luxury!!!  34 days and counting until we take off and I will be reminded of all in person.

So here’s a typical big Saturday night in Bogoso…

We eat something non-eventful.  Last night I used my supply of Rotel, refried beans and taco seasonings to make beef and bean burritos served with canned corn from home.


Then we sit on the floor and play with Joshua’s toys while the dogs sleep.


To wrap up our eventful evening we watch “The Muppets”.  By the way, the show is totally worth watching again.  Dave and I really get a kick out of the episodes that feature someone we actually recognize.  Alice Cooper was especially fun! I am not as pleased to be cast as Miss Piggy to Dave's Kermit by our little man.  He likes to be Fozzy.

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