Friday, September 28, 2012

Rainy day fun

Yesterday it rained too much to go to the pool or do the other things I had planned outside. Around 3 the downpour came in earnest. We were sick of being inside so it was time to get W-E-T! I grabbed Joshua and the dogs and went out back.  The dogs were especially excited until my intentions became known - bathtime - then they weren't as pleased to be part of our fun! It really does rain hard enough so that all we needed to do was soap them up and let nature do the rest.

 Wet (and stinky) Jeremiah

I couldn't take my camera out to capture the true moment but this will give you an idea.  Part of Joshua's fun was finding the places where water was running off the roof the hardest, filling containers and throwing the water at the dogs (or me).

Tate was having none of it and found a safe place to watch.

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