Monday, July 23, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

This is the week that we leave. The goodbyes are getting serious and so is the stress level!

Joshua was given the awesome gift of his own goodbye party over the weekend (Thanks Holly!!!). It was a joyous celebration of the wonderful children and parents that have enriched his life with light and laughter. For me, it highlighted the amazing treasure of loving people that we have been blessed to be in community with throughout this parenthood journey.

Last night we celebrated my sis-in-law's bday. It was a great party with family and again, it proved to be a time to reflect on how lucky we have been!  We have lived so close and shared so many fun (and difficult) times.

Yet it is so very hard to let go and say adios. Joshua said it well as we drove away from his cousin's, "saying goodbye is sad Mommie. I have water on my cheeks too." It's easy to dwell on the many important life moments we will miss and become overwhelmed with sadness.

I survive because after the tears, I choose to think about how our move may serve to better our collective lives. Now we learn how to be intentional in sharing intimate moments from across the world.  We learn how to be in community from far away. We learn to trust that our journey is not taking us away from people we love but instead teaching us new and deeper ways of being in relationship. We trust that God is bigger and through God we are connected and kept.

I probably won't have time to write again before we are in Ghana. Send your prayers and positive thoughts / energy for safe travels. I'll post again on the other side!  Much LOVE to you!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Grabbing hold of peaceful moments

My oh my!  The days leading up to a major move are not for the weak of heart or spirit. There is so much to do and so much to think about.  Have we canceled the cable / phone / trash ... ?  Have we figured where our mail is going and put in a forwarding order?  Did we pick up the last drop off of dry cleaning? Are we SURE the airlines know about the peanut allergy?  How do we get our prescriptions filled now for 6 months? Did I write down and distribute contact information to everyone taking care of our house? These are just a very few of the many things on our "to do" lists. I am so stressed that I am forgetting simple words during conversation.  

This morning I gave myself the BEST gift. I woke before the rest of my crew, got comfortable in "my" spot and meditated.  Ahhhhhh.  I can breath easy again.

Now for a day of finishing up dogie paperwork, having blood drawn, talking to pharmacists, and coordinating last minute good-byes...  all done with a three-year old who would rather be playing "pirates" in tow.  It's very doable and much easier now that I can breath again.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Travel Nitty Gritty

The tickets are bought and we are counting down the days until we leave – not many left at all! Our travel plans are not ideal but we hope they will work. Dave leaves first with the dogs. He has a 34 hour travel time from our home to Accra with two lay-overs. Yep, you read that correctly, he leaves at 4 AM and arrives the following day at 8 PM. (once you account for the 6 hour time difference, it makes 34 hours). Don’t worry; the dogs won’t be crated for that entire time. They get are booked for luxury stays at 2 doggie airport hotels along the way.

Once Dave and the dogs are there and cleared through customs, they will spend the night in the big city before taking a 6 – 8 hour jungle drive to Bogoso. The dogs do not have to be quarantined when we arrive there or when we fly home.

Upgraded bliss on our flight to CA last month

Meanwhile, Joshua and I will hang out here with our family and enjoy Colorado for another week. When we travel we’ll have a mere 19 hour travel day and one lay-over. Dave will come back to Accra to met out plane. Then we’ll have a major shopping extravaganza before heading into the jungle.

One of the fabulous things about traveling to this wildly foreign place (to us) with his current company is we have a lot of insider information about where to shop and what to buy. We even know who to ask to help watch the dogs in our Bogoso home while Dave travels to pick us up. We don’t have to navigate the world alone. Hooray!

Joshua and his cousin enjoying some good ol' Colorado fun!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Journeys!

What a glorious send off weekend!  First Pastor Justin and the entire Columbine United Church blessed us with an official sending off prayer during Sunday's service. God was certainly present!  After, we spent a fun afternoon of play with Joshua's sweethearts - the Doyle girls.  Then the absolutely best cherry on top EVER was the party given to us by our family and friends!  Thank you just doesn't seem enough to express our gratitude for the hours and hours of hard work that was put into the event by the Slifka family, my folks and Ann Smith-Blaise.  Plus the pure love and joy of all who participated either up close or in spirit was very tangible and indescribably special.  Below is a singing tribute put together (Thanks Dave Hicks!) and performed by some of our friends.

Now for a bit of business...  We think we have a feasible solution for the dogs but it is too many legs for little man and I to tackle so we will probably be flying separate from Daddy.  The good news is, Joshua is an excellent traveler (knock on wood). We may even let Dave go a week or two prior to us so he can get the dogs settled. More to come as the details come together.

On another note, we received a report on our shipment today and it is due in country on 8/5/12.