Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Few Photos

The house we will be living in is being renovated so I don't have any "wow" photos to share. Regardless, I thought you would like to see a few pictures to get an idea of where we will be living.

Above, is the front of our future home.
Below, is the sun porch and part of the back yard.

Above, is Dave golfing at Bogoso.
Below, is the rain forest where Dave lost numerous balls that day.

Above, is what typical commute issues are like on the forest road from Bogoso to Accra.
Below, is what typical road construction looks like in our part of Ghana.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

15 Cubic Meters

We have a pack date! June 5th, the moving company will be here to pack our stuff for Ghana. We have been allotted 15 cubic meters. How much is that you ask? Well, to be honest, we don't know. The moving company did a walk through a couple weeks ago and estimated our current load at 14 cubic meters. That amount included a golf cart, couch, mattress, trampoline, kid furniture and bunches of toys. (As usual, it feels like we are packing Joshua and just coming along for the ride!) Since then I've bought more consumables and shopped online for things we just don't use in CO like an umbrella stand. Dave returned today from a trip to Africa. He was able to visit our house and do some work in hopes of making our trip over a bit smoother. Specifically, he met with the vet clinic to double check all the particulars for the dogs. We can confidently say we have everything in order for them. Horray!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top Ten Questions Answered

Some of you might like a few more details about our move, so below are answers to the top ten things we've been asked:
  1. We are all going - Dave, me, Joshua (3 1/2 yrs old), and our 2 dogs.
  2. We are not selling our house. My folks want to use it as a second home because it is close to my brother and all of the Denver fun.
  3. We will live in a small expat community about 10 miles outside of the small village of Bogoso.
  4. Ghana is an English speaking country. There are many other prevalent languages, Twi being the main one.
  5. The weather is hot and hotter. Bogoso is in the middle of a rain Forrest so while the temps always range around 88, the rains come most everyday.
  6. The country is on GMT (or Ghana Maybe Time) and puts the time change 6 - 7 hours ahead of Colorado depending on daylight savings time.
  7. Dave has traveled there many times and I went with him once.
  8. Our favorite thing about Ghana is currently the Ghanaians. As a whole, they are fabulously friendly, welcoming, and easy to be around. We also really enjoy the expats and Dave's coworkers whom we've met in the community.
  9. The thing I look forward to the least is the traffic getting into and out of Accra and the 6 - 8 hours of off-road trekking to our home.
  10. Yes, we will miss you all terribly and hope to see everyone during our month-long breaks 2 times a year. We hope our first trip back will be at Christmas.

The Announcement

After years of consideration, we’re excited to announce our move to Africa. We will leave Colorado around July 15 for our new home in Bogoso, Ghana. Our plan is live there for 2 years while Dave works his accounting magic on that side of the world for his company. More details and fun facts about Ghana will follow but for now, below are a couple of maps so you can see where we are headed…