Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bugs, bugs, bugs

Go figure!  There are a lot of bugs in the middle of a rain forest.  It’s a constant battle to keep ourselves safe from the obvious ones like mosquitoes, killer bees, fleas, mites, parasites and biting ants.  My very least favorite are the swimming scorpions that seem to come out of nowhere on a hunt for human meat.  They are not poisonous but we think the bite would hurt especially a little one so we search the pool diligently before swimming.  I have only seen one so far. Oh – the giant cockroach above the bed a few nights ago was fun.  (I’ve seen bigger in Texas so aside from finding it above our bed, not such a big deal to me)

There are some very beautiful butterflies and I find the giant snails fascinating. Here are some pictures for you to, um... enjoy.
Slowly, slowly, oh so slowly, goes the giant snail...
Quicky, quickly, oh so quickly goes the giant millipede
Not sure what this flying creature is, but he is beautiful.

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