Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Joshua really enjoys talking on Skype.

Joshua and Dave Skyping with Grandma Kay.

If he can't see your face then he's not interested.  Unfortunately he has figured out that there is a "facetime" button on our phones.  It's an iPhone feature that is similar to Skype.  Whenever we put the phone on speaker so he can be a part of the conversation his quick little fingers reach for the option.  It would be great if we were in the States but we're not.  Normally it just ends the call and we may or may not get another connection to finish the conversation.  Phone communication is much, much better than it was even 5 years ago when Dave first started coming here but it is still unreliable.  Skpye is the same.  When it works, even just the voice option, the sounds quality is great.  Unfortunately, the African Internet can be fickle so there's no way to guarantee we can get on.  Oh - and then there's the whole power thing involved with the Internet :) Power outages are a fact of life here.

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