Friday, September 21, 2012

Singing in the Rain!

Sorry that I was missing in action this week. Dave had to travel 3 of the 5 days so I was too busy being trying to entertain Joshua and stay sane to spend much time on the computer.

One of my favorite things this week was playing in the rain. Have you ever experienced a tropical downpour? The rain is warm and comes down in droves. The sound on our tin roof was loud, like that of a locomotive barreling down the track (our Joshua playing the drums).  I rescued Joshua from his “rest time”, put on our galoshes, grabbed our umbrellas and headed outside to play.

Even with umbrellas, our clothes got wet.  Joshua took off his shirt and I stepped under the carport.

When he got cold, we changed him into his frog rain coat.
The road that runs next to our house turned into a river.  After the rains, it turned back to mud very, very quickly.

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