Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Haircut and quick trip to Wassa

This morning Jennifer and I took Joshua into Bogoso to get his haircut. Joshua picked a very short cut. For a moment I thought he might go bald like his Uncle Mel and Granddad Edwards but he pointed to a picture that left him a little something all over. He did a lovely job sitting still for the barber and looks very handsome. The barber was very pleased to get 5 Cede (or about $2.50 American dollars).

Joshua at a Bogoso barbershop.

Jennifer honored me with a meeting with her dad. It was no surprise that he is a very joyful man. Jennifer is his youngest child and only daughter. I told him he has done a very good job indeed and he told me to take good care of her.

Yesterday, Joshua, the dogs and I tagged along on a business trip to another of the company's mining communities called Wassa.  Traveling so soon after Accra seemed a bit crazy but our house was scheduled for a quarterly bug spray and we needed to leave for at least 2 hours after the spray.  (Once the compound they use is dry, it is perfectly safe.) To Wassa, it was about a 2 hour drive on a dirt road through the jungle. It was a beautiful drive other than suffering through bumps.  This time I took Dramamine so I wouldn't have to deal with getting car sick.  It worked for me but not our dog, Tate.  Poor guy was miserable on the way there (he was fine coming home).

Dave worked all day and the rest of us were left to explore the community on our own .


Joshua balancing on the sidewalk barriers.
The Wassa clubhouse.
Wassa has a nice pool with a waterfall but we didn't swim as planned. Instead, we walked and talked to a lot of people who worked on site.  Joshua and Jeremiah charmed people and we had nice chats with a lot of Ghanaians.  We didn't meet any of the expats and Dave promised to think ahead and set-up some socials for us when we go again. The company put us up in an apartment for the day and Joshua took a super long nap before we headed back to Bogoso.  Hands-down, my favorite thing about the day was our driver, Phillip.  He is just a very genuinely nice guy and I really enjoyed chatting with him about Ghana, his family, rubber trees, bumpy roads, and everything in between.

Phillip (today at the barbershop)

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