Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tears and Tissues

I must admit, the home sickness has set in.  I miss my family and friends and the easy life of the USA. It really hits home how far away we are when I read about the Summerset Festival at Clement Park and Columbine United Church’s Rally Day and the start of Preschool (plus the start of Mommy coffee hour). Today I also miss the community of remembrance surrounding 9/11.

It’s not all tears and tissues here!  We had such a fun weekend at the golf club’s annual picnic.  There was fabulous company, food, laughter and games.  Below are a couple of pictures of Joshua and Dave having a great time participating!

It might seem that we are living the easy life given the pictures I post and the fun things I write about plus we employ people to help with our house and yard. Reality is, it is work just to do simple things. When our employees have time off then it is A LOT of work for me to manage the house. Last week Jennifer told me she had to take tests for college and would be gone on Thursday and Friday. We thought it a BRILLIANT reason to miss work and were happy to fend for ourselves! Now I am tired AND missing you all.
That being said, we count our blessings daily for the many things we obviously have but others living less than a mile away do not. We have running water, electricity (most of the time) a roof over our heads that also provides air-conditioning, and transportation.  We have the means to travel, buy ample food that we like, utilize the Internet, receive top-notch medical care, and, and, and...  We are very, very fortunate. While I may complain, I am also ever mindful that we are the “haves”.  Every day I cook lunch for Jennifer and Earnest knowing it may be the only meal they have during the day.  It is humbling.

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