Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shhhhh - the place is sleeping

Isn't it funny how some of our greatest late night worries often turn from fraught to naught? It is so, so quiet on site right now. There are no other expat families with kids. They either don't exist or they are on leave. When the last family pulled out a week ago, I was very concerned for Joshua and really for me too. I was afraid of being bored and lonely. On top of them leaving, Dave was a traveling fool so Joshua and I were alone a lot and I was depressed. Then, as often happens, I consciously invited God into the room, changed my thinking about the situation and life got fun again.

We went in search of adventure and tried a bunch of new things and games.  We played on other people’s yard equipment (we were invited).  We switched up preschool from practical to more play and have been working on a curriculum about castles, knights, dragons and I included pirates. We invite the local kids over when they get home from school by putting balls in front of our house and filling up water bottles with cold water.  
Swinging with Jennifer
Here Joshua is a prince trying to score points by hitting a bulls-eye with rocks.  I think this is a celebration face but he told me it was him heading to a time-out which is possible.

Joshua is making a go of baseball while the other kids are playing their version of cricket.  Eventually the older boys take over and a game of soccer starts.

IT also helps to make a point of swimming every day and playing lots of water games with Joshua on top of getting in some exercise.  We even got Jennifer into the pool for the first time in her life!  She had a blast and I felt so proud that I looked what I perceived as convention in the face and invited her.
There are still lonely moments and by the time I see Dave, I am exhausted and craving adult conversation. I feel like I did when I first made the switch from working outside the home to care for Joshua.  No diapers or puke or bottles and LOTS more sleep, but the feelings of isolation are the same.

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