Monday, August 13, 2012

Time Stands Still

My, but it is easy to forget time here.  I get up and get busy puttering around the house for what seems hours to look at a clock and see only one has passed. Or we are out with friends enjoying the pool or a walk with the dogs and all the sudden the sun is setting.  Sundays, though, Sundays will be my favorite.  It is a day for family and since there are no distractions, it is truly a Sabbath day.  What a gift.
While I'm talking about time I should tell you how we have spent it so far.  During the weekdays Joshua and I do the things we typically did at home in Colorado minus the play dates and television.  We play a lot of pretend games, read books, collect sticks and rocks, sing songs and generally have a good time.  The morning is a good time to walk the dogs and the late afternoon is a good time for the pool. Friday night is a happy hour of sorts at the restaurant they call the "Lower Bar".  There is a kids room set up with balls and tunnels and toys and crafts for the children to use while the adults chat.   Saturday morning is a work day and the moms gather the kids at the kids room for a big playdate.  We skipped out this week because I am still healing but I am sure it will soon be a favorite part of the week.  Instead, I downloaded a Scooby Doo movie for Joshua on the ipad and we did the traditional American Saturday morning cartoon thing in our PJ's.
Sunday was a busy day with walks, pool time, bar-b-q and board games. We were able to Skype with family and call my folks the old-fashioned way. We made pizza for supper and I think that will becaome a Sunday night tradition.
Once our crate is here and I have a computer I will post pictures. It's in Ghana but still needs to clear customs.
Have a fabulous week!!!!!

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