Friday, August 24, 2012

I found out yesterday that we have orange trees.  Yummy, yummy!  I hope they will produce a ton of fruit. 
Earnest, our gardener, with the orange trees.

We also have some newly planted pineapple (Dave's all-time favorite fruit).  Sometimes we can get them at the commissary but it will be nice to have our own.

The baby pineapples
While I'm on the topic of fruit, we eat a lot of bananas now.  The "Banana Lady" or her son come around to our door a couple times a week selling bunches very cheap and we never say no.  Once they turn I make bread or cookies and I have tried to dry them to make banana chips (epic fail). Feel free to email me your favorite recipes and I will give them a try!  Joshua likes to spy the banana trees around the campus.  For some reason he has decided to call the big purple part of the flower that hangs down "joshua".  I have no idea why and think it's a strange thing to do especially since I think it looks phallic.
Banana tree
We spy the "joshuas" on our daily walks when without fail Joshua collects sticks.  They become his drum major batons or a magic wands or walking sticks or swords. Eventually, all walkers (even the dogs) must have a stick or two or three and we play follow the leader.  Once we are home, they land in a pile outside our back door in the fenced part of the yard so that no one will throw them away. (We do anyway - parents are evil that way.)
Singing in the rain

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  1. Julie, thank you for sharing your adventure with us.