Wednesday, August 15, 2012


The guidebooks and travel blogs claim it and now I attest it is true - Ghanians are hands down the friendliest people on earth. Seriously folks, I don't believe the word "stranger" exists here. Joshua and I walk the dogs every day and pass by 25 or so locals. (There are small villages located on the outskirts of the company housing so there is local pedestrian traffic.) Every single person smiles, waves and says hello!  If we've met before, they address Joshua by name and often start up a conversation. This is doubly astounding because, in general, Ghanians are afraid of dogs. If our 80 pound Golden Retriever tries to insert himself in the mix, there may be screeches involved. The hospitality is different than anything I have experienced and I welcome it. It is hard to feel lonely when all we have to do is take a few steps out our door to meet someone who wants to know us. (We still miss you bunches!!! )

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