Monday, August 27, 2012

Dog Baths and Play-Dates

This weekend we decided it was high time to give the dogs their baths.  We treat their coats with flea and tick meds so we don't want to wash too often. That means when it's time - it's REALLY time.  I don't have pictures of the event but I'm sure it was funny to watch.  Dave and I donned our swimsuits, hooked up our hose, and went to work.  Jeremiah was our first victim and didn't mind being wet at all.  Did I mention that we have large showers here and Jeremiah has walked right in while I have been showering Joshua a time or two?  Great fun - not!

Jeremiah posing for a picture in the shower (sorry for the red eye)

Tate was next and was also surprisingly tame - once we caught him.  You know those events at the county fair where the kids chase around the greased pigs?  Yeah well, picture that only add me and Dave in swimsuits.

We enjoyed a weekend of play with Joshua's friend Elian.  She is a bit over 2 and they like playing together.  I also enjoy her family so it's a nice match.  We spent Saturday morning in the kids play room and Saturday afternoon playing in a sand trap on the golf course.  (We only had to move the kids once for actual golfers.)  Yesterday was a swim date at the Sunday afternoon BBQ. 

Kids in the playroom at the "Lower Bar".  Notice the Santa hat?  Joshua has lost his and his friend let him borrow hers for the morning.

Other highlights of the weekend include building a toy box and Joshua's bed (the smell is gone from his room), baking banana bread, talking on the phone with family, watching a couple episodes of "The Muppets" and making a shopping list for our trip to Accra.


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