Wednesday, October 3, 2012

These flip-flops are made for walking

We have taken up our daily walks again and boy am I glad. The dogs started becoming serious escape artists so I decided it was better to have them exploring with me than without.  Plus,  I love walking and sometimes I forget that it's a great activity for many reasons.

Above are an assortment of flowers that Joshua picked for me today.
Joshua is very proud to walk a dog by himself. We bought no-pull harnesses before we left CO and they really, really work.  I still take over if I see a hazard and every time we leave the house we talk about what he should do to keep his body safe if he's in charge. Joshua normally walks Tate because Tate is more his size and they RUN!
The last two days have been too rainy in the afternoons to swim.  If it were a CO rain and there was no sign of lightening, we would still go.  Joshua goes stir crazy around 3 if we don't do something.  We have a Wii exercise game we play and that helps a bit. Yesterday, I let him ride his bike in the house.  I have roller skates but am fearful of a broken bone.  I am sure that will pass soon enough.  I have pads and a helmet and he's had lessons so...
Out-of-focus but you get the idea.
Now shall I walk
or shall I ride?
"Ride," Pleasure said:
"Walk," Joy replied.
~W.H. Davies

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