Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pack Day

Pack day is officially over and while I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of STUFF we decided to take, I am pretty sure we'll be happy to have it once we're in Africa. If we don't use it, we'll give it away.
Our garage before

Our garage after

It should take 10 - 12 weeks for our shipment to make it to Bogoso. From our driveway, it was taken to the Denver warehouse where it was loaded into a crate. The crate will be trucked to Houston where is will be placed on a ship. The ship will cross the ocean and land up in either Accra or Takordia. There, Ghanian customs will inspect the crate and assess import duties. Once it's all approved and paid for, the shipment will make it's way through the rain forrest to our African home.

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