Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dog Days

One of the most challenging parts of our move is taking the dogs with us.  We have two doggie children and it's hard to even think of living 2 years without them, so we won't.

 Jeremiah, 5 year old Golden Retriever

Tate, 2 1/2 year old Retriever mix

 Instead we have researched exactly what it will take to keep them with us and been extremely proactive in making it happen.  We've done extra blood work, have all their shots in order, had extra dental work done on one dog as a preventative measure, shipped American dog food in our crate and researched the best strategy for home-made dog food. Dave even met with the Ghanaian veterinarians the last time he was there to make sure our paperwork is correct. We get an A+ for effort.  

Unfortunately, the airlines are creating HAVOC on our lives.  We are really struggling to figure out an affordable way to fly them to Accra.  First, our airline of choice canceled all flights from the US to Ghana.  Then, our second choice airline just this week has stopped allowing dogs on the type of aircraft they fly into Accra.  The next airline said sure until we actually tried to purchase the tickets yesterday afternoon, then they said their partner airline (that actually flies into Ghana) won't take dogs. We're currently stuck.  Hopefully Monday will bring good news or we will look into using a world-wide pet relocation service.  They aren't cheap but we might have to change our mindset and go for it.

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