Friday, June 1, 2012

Our new vehicle

I never thought I would drive a golf cart much less own one, and yet guess what arrived today?
Once we hit African soil, this baby will be my main form of transportation. Actually I should say once the golf cart hits African soil, clears customs, we pay the outrageously expensive duties and it makes the trek to Bogoso, it is what I will be driving. That process should take about 12 weeks from the time it leaves our CO home on Tuesday. Dave will be assigned a company car but I won't be allowed to drive it because of insurance policies.  Since the housing community is large and Dave felt stranded without transport most times when there on business, we are opting to take something along.
When Joshua and I need to go into the village or travel to another destination in Ghana, a driver will take us in one of the company vehicles.  Dave will probably also be driven until he feels comfortable with the vastly different driving conditions and knows his way to his destination.  I doubt he will ever actually drive in the larger cities, but we shall see. He got his international drivers licence this week.

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