Monday, July 9, 2012

The Travel Nitty Gritty

The tickets are bought and we are counting down the days until we leave – not many left at all! Our travel plans are not ideal but we hope they will work. Dave leaves first with the dogs. He has a 34 hour travel time from our home to Accra with two lay-overs. Yep, you read that correctly, he leaves at 4 AM and arrives the following day at 8 PM. (once you account for the 6 hour time difference, it makes 34 hours). Don’t worry; the dogs won’t be crated for that entire time. They get are booked for luxury stays at 2 doggie airport hotels along the way.

Once Dave and the dogs are there and cleared through customs, they will spend the night in the big city before taking a 6 – 8 hour jungle drive to Bogoso. The dogs do not have to be quarantined when we arrive there or when we fly home.

Upgraded bliss on our flight to CA last month

Meanwhile, Joshua and I will hang out here with our family and enjoy Colorado for another week. When we travel we’ll have a mere 19 hour travel day and one lay-over. Dave will come back to Accra to met out plane. Then we’ll have a major shopping extravaganza before heading into the jungle.

One of the fabulous things about traveling to this wildly foreign place (to us) with his current company is we have a lot of insider information about where to shop and what to buy. We even know who to ask to help watch the dogs in our Bogoso home while Dave travels to pick us up. We don’t have to navigate the world alone. Hooray!

Joshua and his cousin enjoying some good ol' Colorado fun!

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